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Game instructions

Hello! :-)

First, this game is really simple, and the long instructions below are just wordy, and not any idea of difficulty.

Here it is in a nut-shell: catch the falling letters in the right order. That's pretty much it.

Here are the details….

TypeCast is a pattern-matching game. It might look like it's spelling, but it's not… (and it will do a good job of helping learners) Really it's just your task to catch the letters to match the order of the letters on the display.

There are three main parts to the screen: 1) the dispenser; 2) the slider and 3) the word/pattern.

1) The dispenser slides right and left at the top of the screen. It pauses and drops a letter, which falls downwards.

2) Your task is to catch the letter on the slider bar, but in the correct order left to right, so that you spell out the word...

3) …the word that slides in on to the screen below the slider.

Put your finger on the slider bar to move it right and left to catch the falling letter, OR to miss letters that do not match the word.

So, if the word displayed is (say) "good", you'll want to catch just those letters, and in the order "g,o,o,d" (not "dogo").

When you catch a letter that is in the word, it will stick to the slider, and you'll gain points.

But, if you catch it again, and it isn't needed again, that's a mistake, and you'll lose points. So, if you already caught the "g", be sure to slide out of the way if another "g" starts falling! (Notice that "good" has two "o" letters, so you'll have to catch two of them.)

You will lose points for catching letters that are not in the word. If that happens, the letter explodes and is removed from the slider.

When all the letters in the word are sticking to the slider (regardless of the order) you're done with that word. It will be checked to see if it's right, and you'll move on to the next word.

Finally, there is a limit to the number of mistakes you can make with any given word. Each of the scenes has a vertical indicator. It is a "glass tube" on the City Game, and the stalk of the plant in the Country Game. The indicator starts filled with green, and sinks lower and lower as each mistake is made. When the indicator is fully red, you are out of mistakes, and will lose that word.

If your mistakes are greater than your good catches, you'll end up with a negative score!

The number of mistakes you are allowed is equal to the number of letters in the word, plus the level-number. For example, if the word is "good" and you are on level 3, the indicator will be entirely red when you've made 7 mistakes. (The reason we add on the level number is because it gets harder as you go up the levels.)

OH… "one more thing" - the "magic star" button. This will appear on the left side of the screen now and then. Pressing it when it's displayed will ensure that one of the next two letters dropped is a missing letter from the word.

More bits:

In addition to the main parts, there are some indicator/buttons.

In the upper right corner is an oval button displaying the level you are on.
If you press this button, you will pause the game.

In the lower right is a number. It is also a button.
The number displays how many words are left for you to successfully complete before moving up to the next level.

If you press this number/button, you will start a new word. This is helpful because you may see that you have got some letters or symbols out of order. Since you cannot win the challenge unless the order is correct, there is no point in continuing, and you can click this to start with a new word. However, using this button will cost you points. Using this button counts as one error.

Sometimes the falling blocks/letters will obscure one another, making it difficult or impossible to see the order you've caught them in. To solve this, the upper left corner shows you the letters you have caught so far, and the order they are in.

So, for example, if your target word is "AFTER" and you can see that you have caught "RT", you obviously cannot win that word, and can tap the words-remaining button in the lower right corner to start with a new word.

At the bottom of the screen is the current score.
"Errors" are the total of the bad catches (explosions from catching a letter not in the word, or catching a letter no longer needed because you caught it already) added together with the number of times you missed catching a letter that really was part of the word. This reset to zero on each new word.
"Word Score" is your running score for this particular word.

There are six levels to the game. Each level requires an additional word to be solved before you can move on to the next level. Level 1 requires 3 words to reach level 2; level two requires 4, and so on. When you reach level six, you play until you miss a word. Each level is faster than the previous level.

It will be obvious when you are moving up to the next level, as you will see how well you did on the level you're leaving: the level score; the level's errors and the total score for the game so far.

Each time you move up a level, you'll see a visual addition to the scene you're playing. In the alley scene, you'll have a new poster on the wall. In the floral scene, you'll see new critters in the pasture. Remember, you can tell where you are because the button in the upper right corner always shows you the current level of play, and that pressing that button will suspend play and take you back to the options menu.

Pressing "resume game" will return to you the last level, word count and score, but you will begin with a new word.

The scenes
There are two different scenes you can play, however they are just visual differences, not two different games. So, you can begin on the alley scene, and switch to the floral scene, and keep your levels and highest score.

This is a single-player game.

In the next version, we'll be adding the game-center for recording your scores, and the ability to purchase several different fonts and symbols. (The symbol game is -much- harder.)